Bodega Soledad

Setting the trend towards sustainability

The Designation of Origin Uclés has become the first wine D.O. in Spain to measure and certify carbon footprint according to the international standard ISO 14064.

Carbon footprint is a voluntary and certifiable environmental indicator that quantifies emissions of greenhouse gases resulting from the activity of the wineries and identifies opportunities to save energy and reduce CO2 emissions. To quantify the CO2 equivalent emissions that are released into the atmosphere over the entire life cycle of wine, all processes are considered including cultivation, processing, transportation, storage, delivery and residue recycling.

Soledad Winery and all other D.O. Uclés wineries received in April 2012 carbon footprint certification according to ISO 14064. This marked the start of a project towards sustainability.

With this and other initiatives Soledad winery responds to growing consumer concerns about respect for the environment and implements a proactive business leadership to identify energy and other cost saving opportunities.