Bodega Soledad


Many of the vines are over 40 years old, some are close to 100. Half century ago our growers were pioneers in training vineyards on trellis.

Our vineyards are situated in an area with different soil and climate from the rest of La Mancha. Even though we grow the same grape varieties as in the rest of the region, the combination of terrain and climate confers particular characteristics to our fruit.


Our deep loam soils, poor in organic matter, allow the grapes to ripe properly and concentrate all the substances  necessary to produce quality wines. The vineyards are located at an average altitude of 800m above sea level.

The area features cold winters and hot, dry summers. During the grape ripening cycle in the summer the temperature gap between day and night can reach up to 20 degrees Celsius. This difference slows down the ripening process and benefits grape quality.

Rainfall barely reaches 500 mm annually. However, cold winters and deep soils help this scarce rainfall to suffice for a good growth of the vines.