Bodega Soledad


We use the following grape varieties for wine making:

Red:  mainly tempranillo, followed by syrah, cabernet sauvignon, grenache and petit verdot.

White: primarily airen, followed by chardonnay, sauvignon blanc and small grain muscat.


The grapes are mostly manually harvested; mechanical harvest is less common and it is conducted at night in order to control fruit temperature and always under technical supervision.

Grape storage

The winery can process and then store up to 28 million kilogrammes of grapes. For that purpose we use stainless steel tanks, self emptying tanks and controlled temperature fermentation stainless steel tanks.

Oak and bottle ageing

The lot of barrels of American and French oak is renewed on a regular basis. The winery has its own bottling line and finished product warehouse.

Quality control

Since the grapes are still in the vineyard through to the preparation of the final product, a comprehensive quality control system is observed. Soledad winery is certified to ISO 9001.