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D.O. Uclés

It is a wine designation of origin (D.O.) within the region of Castilla-La Mancha. Central to this smaller area is the town of Uclés after which the D.O. is named.


This D.O. covers the west part of the province of Cuenca and some municipalities in the east of the province of Toledo, in the centre of the peninsula. The Central and Iberian mountain ranges shelter this D.O., bathed by the river Riansares.


The beginnings of viticulture in the region of Uclés, like in most areas of the Iberian Peninsula, date back to the period of the Roman conquest. In 2002 eight wineries started to create this D.O., a process that was completed in 2005.


D.O. Uclés stems from the commitment of local wineries to maintaining and improving the quality of their wines. The D.O. will only certify wine that is produced by their member wineries from vines that are at least 6 years old.